Talent Acquisition A Deep Dive into Competency Mapping in HRM

Talent Acquisition is a process of Human Resource to pick the right talent to fit in the organisation from the talent pool.  To onboard the best talent organisation must do planning and talent acquisition strategy across departments to identify, target, and attract the best talent for the given role. Talent Acquisition team is a part of human resource department. The skills of effective Talent Acquisition professionals include hiring strategy, candidates assessment, compliance, hiring quality & create an network for employment branding.

Various process of Talent Acquisition.

  • Forecast for Future.
  • Create a talent pool.
  • Select the best talent.
  • Make the talent onboard.

Once the talent onboard keep him motivate for achieving mutual goals of Organisation and the employee.

  • Forecast for Future:

Need to understand the future expansion of the project. This team needs to understand the difficulties faced from your past experience. Need to make sure that, all openings need to be closed on timely.

  • Talent Pool :

It is necessary to have processes in place to generate and identify high-quality candidates. Every organization source talent differently, so make sure your recruiting process consistently produces desirable candidates.

  • Selection :

Aligning your talent acquisition goals with those of the larger company will maximize your chances of acquiring talent that will fit in with your corporate culture for the long term.

  • Talent Onboard :

Talent acquisition requires ample time. Need not rush the interview process, cut corners in identifying candidates, or anything else to save time at the expense of the acquisition process. Need to ensuring you source and hire the best talent, will save far more resources in the long run.

Conclusion :

Each organisation handles Talent Acquisition differently, The Talent Acquisition team is very important for corporate culture and for future growth of the organisation.