Platform Supported: OpenCart 2.X, 3.X, 4.X

How to Return a product in the POS terminal?

By adhering to certain technical intricacies, any POS can make sure that the customer is availed with a trouble-free shopping experience. OpenCart SuperMax POS is mainly known for its robust capacities while it seamlessly helps you navigate the merchandise return of your products.

The POS user must follow the below mentioned steps to return a product in the Return panel.

1. Click on the Order panel. The POS user can see a list of orders that have been placed. You can find the order from the date range and order id filters.

2. Now, click on the view order button. A new page shows all the products of that order. This also shows the details of the order like the order id, order date, customer name, payment method, and barcode details.

3. Select the products you want to return and click on Return

4. A table opens that has the product name, quantity, return reason and the open or unopened status.

5. Then select the return action and the return status depending upon the update of the product.

6. The POS user can click on the Submit button can also give any additional information in the comment box.


The product can be successfully returned after this.