How to generate the POS terminal Order and Receipt mail?

  • Order Mail:

One of the cleanest alternatives to a paper receipt is a mail receipt. SuperMax POS users can now leverage automated order confirmation emails that are sales-effective and customer-centric. The system is streamlined to generate an automated email that utilizes dynamic content and serves the purpose digitally. The first hand contents of the email include product names, quantity of purchase, and the total purchase amount.

However, the extended structure of this digital order mail consists of details of other elements like the Order and Payment Confirmation. With this feature, customers get instant confirmation of their purchased order, and this maintains transparency. This also includes the date and time of the payment.

POS users in SuperMax can generate this digital order by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. After completing the payment process, the POS is directed to a new window.
  2. This window already has an autogenerated mail with the order details.
  3. The POS user can now access the Print the Receipt, Send Order Mail, and Send Receipt buttons on the screen.
  4. Upon selecting the Send Order Mail and Send Receipt buttons, the autogenerated mail of the order and the receipt are sent to the customer’s provided email address.

Note: The POS user can access these options only when the Read Receipt Mail status is enabled in the backend.

  • Receipt Mail: 

Customers receive the receipt mail after the transaction is completed, and the finalized purchase is summarised in the mail with a detailed description of the items, and additional costs, if any. The mode of payment is the key highlight of the receipt. The rest of the mail consists of elements like the return and refund policies. This feature explicitly allows the customers to contact the party responsible for queries or discrepancies. 

The order and the receipt mail feature fosters a digital record keeping practice. This maintains accuracy while it also contributes to the professionalism of the business.