Integration of IBO with Anyhow Infosystems for easy product delivery

About IBO

IBO is one of India’s leading home building and improvement destination center. It provides its customers with top brands at the best prices. IBO is truly an omnichannel that allows customers to shop through their store, app, and website. They are majorly known to house products from categories like hardware, tiles, plumbing, lighting and fans, bath along with electricals.

Currently they have their running stores in Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Challenges: What challenges did IBO face?

Industries in the ever-evolving market dynamics of the home retail sector often face distinct challenges. To thrive in such an environment, industries must remain aligned with consumer trends. IBO found itself facing such a problem.

Having been located in the heart of the city, IBO often faces a large customer population on a regular basis. Especially at peak times, it becomes very difficult for them to manage orders that involves heavy product deliveries. To ensure uninterrupted product delivery during peak time, they were in search of a faster and smoother checkout process in their POS system.

Solution: How AIS helped IBO manage product delivery?

IBO was in search of a unified solution for dealing with store retail management. We gave them a perfect solution for their desired vision. IBO worked with Anyhow Infosystems POS module and here’s how we helped them out.

We helped them with an efficient POS system that seamlessly managed transaction while also effectively offering flexible product delivery options. So, we introduced them to our POS’s CNC & DWH options. These were Cash and Carry and Delivery Ware House options. IBO needed a POS platform that could let their customers pay on the spot and carry their products with them as well as let the customer choose a warehouse delivery. So, with our CNC and DWH options for product delivery, they significantly improved their operational efficiency.

Especially for heavy goods and products, IBO was now able to ensure accurate and faster order fulfilment. This resulted in a satisfied customer base.

Results and benefits derived from Anyhow Infosystems
  • Improved Customer Service:

With warehouse delivery services, IBO’s customers did not pay for extra packing and picking up charges. They paid reduced shipping costs for the warehouse delivery. Customers also didn’t face space restrictions that comes with individual storage units. Hence, this developed a sense of satisfaction and loyalty within their customer base.

  • Risk Management:

IBO’s customers were assured with a risk-free product delivery. It was able to provide its customers better storage and professional packaging services. Hence, customers received risk management against theft, accidents, and other damage during self-delivery.

  • Faster Shipping:

Customers were able to receive the products from their primary inventory locations. As a result of which there was no extra time consumed and hence products were shipped faster to the customers.

Anyhow Infosystems helped IBO transform from an inventory retail store to a space that also packs and ships purchased orders for customers. This case study highlights the power of a transformative POS system for a retail business. Are you in search of similar services? Contact us now and stay updated for the latest insights!