Case Study: IBO partners with Anyhow Infosystem for a hassle-free return & refund process!

IBO is your ultimate store for latest home building and home improvement products. With the largest collection of branded products in home building categories, IBO is known for its omnichannel collection. Their major product domains include house products like boards and laminates, power, and hand tools, along with kitchen materials of all kinds.

IBO actively runs in its Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore branches.

Challenges: Where was IBO lagging behind?

The home retail sector is subject to constant change. This is when IBO realized that, for active operations, they had to change their traditional approach and aim at a long-term success. This case study throws light on the importance of POS system in a retail store dynamics.

IBO frequently faced problems with their product return procedure. Particularly concerning the customer’s refund eligibility. This led to rising concerns with the refunded amounts among the customers. To address this problem, they wanted a POS system that could manage returned product amounts while benefiting both the store and the customer. This is when Anyhow Infosystems stepped in.

Solutions: Anyhow Infosystem’s approach towards IBO!

IBO wanted to integrate a POS system that would tailor their product return and refund amount. We partnered with them, and they benefited from the IBO Cash of our POS.

With IBO Cash module in the POS system, they were able to manage the returned balance for a product. Instead of issuing direct refunds to the customers, they were now able to retain the return amount balance in IBO Cash. So, every customer who returns a product will have their refunded money in their IBO Cash panel. Customers were thereby able to utilize this cash for further purchases.

When IBO Cash amount of a customer succeeds the total purchase amount, they do not have to pay anything at all. The amount is managed from IBO Cash. Hence, this resulted in customer convenience and streamlined store function.

Final Results: How did Anyhow Infosystem benefit IBO’s growth rate?

Our innovative POS system let their customers use their IBO Cash for further purchases. Here’s a list of all the benefits they derived by setting up our POS for their return process:

  • Seamless checkout experience:

With IBO Cash, the cashier doesn’t have to manually input card details during a payment process. The total purchase amount is directly debited from the IBO Cash. Post this, the payment information is also directly updated with the purchase details. This significantly reduced the time taken for a checkout and gave a hassle-free checkout process.

  • Lower cost transaction fees:

Merchants often pay a huge amount of taxes on their debit and credit card transactions. With IBO Cash, there is very small to zero transaction fees that customers pay. This made IBO a competitive alternative to other retailers in the industry.

  • Enhanced security:

While using IBO Cash, the payment is directed automatically. Hence, no card data or any kind of bank account information is displayed during the payment process. This ensures data security and eliminates any potential security threat.

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