An approach to Bioinformatics for Covid 19 Drug Designing!

Covid-19 was called out as the most severe global pandemic ever. The world-wide call for ‘work for home’ severely limited physical presence for any kind of wet lab experiments and dependency on their results. This led to global researchers switch to computational methods for designing vaccines. Ever since, there has been a lot of theories and thoughts as to how scientific groups and researcher were able to design the related drugs so briefly. The vaccine and drug designing were much of a collaborative effort from all sectors of health and medicine industry. However, Bioinformatics played a vital role in levering the genetic data and progressed through it.

SARS-CoV-2 was the rapidly emerging pathogen which led to the COVID-19 global pandemic crisis. The complicated genetic makeup of the pathogen made it difficult for bioinformaticians to analyze it. But what is Bioinformatics?

Role of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics sector is used to derive outputs from the combination of biology and information technology. Using biological data and IT techniques, Bioinformaticians provided a huge essential global support during covid pandemic. Where traditional research and lab methods highly failed to obtain urgent genomic data and produce vaccine outputs, bioinformatics reduced the average experimental lab time for vaccine designing.

During the first phase of Covid-19, almost 80% of researches had switched to computational methods and the rest had to alter their experimentation process. This delayed several researches and failed results. This furthermore, left the global researchers concluding the need of the hour: A computational approach.

Effectively treating Covid-19 with a computational approach!

With bioinformatics, researchers were able to identify the genome sequence and structure of SARS-CoV-2 at a rapid pace. With potential tools and applications, they were able to model vaccine drugs with the minimal side effects. The concepts of Molecular dynamics, Molecular docking and Artificial intelligence played major roles in making the vaccine a huge success for all purpose. These tools made it easier to search for the right protein type to enter the virus and infect it. This destroyed the primary route for Covid-19 replication leading to a broad-spectrum antivirus formation.

Hence this was a measures safe approach both environmentally and economically.

Living with the virus

The world has gradually moved on Covid-19. The role of bioinformatics will be widespread and essential in for designing computational based vaccines. The future of research and healthcare is going digital. Hence, it is essential to adapt.